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Irrespective of the fact which you offer services to remain competitive, you are obliged to be well informed about all events in the niche. Moreover — you should look ahead, analyze, predict, that expects you in the future, what new technologies will appear etc. If you can always be «on a wave crest» the success to you is guaranteed.

It is necessary to realise — that actually and works in usual business, actually and works in on-line business. For example, where in an offline you scoop the information on events in the world, in your field of activity?

Correctly — from the correspondence: newspapers, magazines... Correspondence the large quantity, but is far not all is noteworthy from the target audience on a number of criteria. In online all is absolute as — there is a large quantity of thematic editions, but not at all from them quality of the information at worthy level, unfortunately, is far.

In the given survey article I have selected the best online the editions publishing exclusively qualitative information on design, web working out and all volume that is connected with the world the Internet. As a result, is glad to put 20 thematic high-quality online of the edition.

Certainly, any editions to someone from already well-known, any are not present. Walk on the offered resources, look through... You for certain will find for yourselves something rather interesting.

Digital Web MagazineA List Apart
Netdiver digital culture magazineAjaxian
Design MeltdownUX Magazine — The User Experience Magazine
Poynter Online — Design  GraphicsTreehouse
Hiveminds Magazine for web publishers and community The shared resource for creative design
fadtastic: a multi-author web design trends journalWeb Design from Scratch
Design Feed LatestgraphicPUSH
DevloungeDesign Observer
24 waysIconfactory
Mashable! — The Social Networking BlogSolution Watch

20, on-line, and more:

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