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The review a web of design forums
The review of professional forums for web masters and web designers
Thematic forums on web design it is places where you can find the related souls which are engaged in same, than and you. At occurrence of difficulties you can address for the help to other participants of a forum or simply help the requiring. Besides it on such resources it is possible to find partners and clients.

It is obvious, that the forums necessary to us, in an ideal should be numerous on visitors. At a forum there is such function which shows reputation of each participant. From here follows, that the more usefully and more actively you will prove at a forum, the above there will be your reputation. The Above reputation, the you will possess the big authority in the opinion of other participants of discussion, to your opinion will concern as the authoritative.

Competence and desire to help other participants of discussion is defined under answers. The forum necessarily should possess competent and sympathetic moderators, and also the arch of rules. For some forum registration renders important value.

Sitepoint Forum: Sitepoint possesses a large quantity of participants, more than 250,000. This excellent place for search of colleagues, a good advice in the field of programming and other practical recommendations. Also there there is an online show-window where you can buy or sell sites, design and it is much another. The given forum is competently administered.

Designers Talk Forum: an excellent forum with excellent design. Has a number of the sections, the questions devoted to everyone group - to web working out, web programming, web design. Number of participants more than 25,000.
Talk Forum

Stylegala Forum: the forum not too active, number of participants is not disclosed. From time to time there are interesting enough branches of discussions.

Digital Point Forum: a popular forum with the large user base making about half from forum SitePoint. Has following sections: design and working out, seo, business, marketing and promotion.
Digital Point

Dev Shed Forum: number of a forum - more than 200,000 participants. The big emphasis becomes on programming, besides at a forum the web design and a drawing is discussed.
Dev Shed

Chawlk: the web design, web working out, blog conducting, computer technologies, a software is discussed.
Chawlk a forum specialising on codeing. 50,000 users, among which more than 5,000 active. Design of a forum idle time and during that time the functional. are discussed web working out and design. It is registered over 30,000 users. New branches are created regularly.
HTML forum

Webdevforums: at a forum more than 25,000 participants. The greatest activity is observed in the sections connected with web design, HTML, CSS.

Talk Freelance: the given forum is aimed at free artists. Number of participants more than 15,000.

CreoasiteForums: more than 15,000 participants. A forum active, regularly there are interesting branches of discussions, the old are updated. There are such sections which you will not meet at other related forums.

Web Design Forum: more than 10,000 users. At a forum set what can be in literal sense the user's guide.
Web Design

Killersites Forum: anything a forum especially not differing from all set forth above forums with number of participants 17,000.
Killersites the forum of web designers from the Great Britain totals more than 3,000 participants. The forum is too active for the scale.

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