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GM it is integrated in «Transformers»


Company General Motors has transformed protagonists of a film «Transformers» into huge billboards of advertising.

All «Autobots», i.e. the positive robots-cars battling with malicious «Decepticons», are cars GM. Thus GM did not pay for advertising of movie company Paramount filming. Instead of check GM has given movie companies for shootings new cars in the total cost of an order of $1 million and will start the advertising advancing both a film, and cars.

In the beginning of shootings in 2005 GM has invited the director of a film «Transformers» Michael Bay in the design centre which the Dignity-fernando settles down in a valley. To the director have been shown more than 100 concept cars in which number were new Chevrolet, Pontiac, Hummer and Cadillac. As informs, the director liked conceptual car Chevrolet Camaro which will play a role «Bumblebee» and will go on sale as the serial car this year.

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