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5 most important reports Google Analytics for bloggers
The majority of bloggers knows, that itself such most powerful and free system of statistics of attendance, as Google Analytics represents. Heightened interest to the given system creates integration possibility between Google Analytics and Google AdWords. But for usual ordinary bloggers the given system has huge set of unnecessary reports. But it after all it doesn't matter, whether not so?!

Google Analytics for bloggers

In given article I wish to share with you 5 most important reports Google Analytics for bloggers. For convenience I have made screenshots of each of reports, therefore you can easily find a way to the given report from the account, being guided on screenshots.

1. Referring Sites (in menu Traffic Sources) or Sites-sources of transitions (in the menu traffic Sources).
The given report is very important, since visually shows sites referring to your blog and quantity of transitions from each of them.

Referring Sites

2. Keywords (in menu Traffic Sources) or Keywords (in the menu traffic Sources).
The given report will show to you, on what key phrases visitors pass to your site from search systems. Also the given report will show exact quantity of transitions on each key phrase.


3. Content by Title (in menu Content) or the Maintenance on headings (in the menu the Maintenance).
The given report gives very important information on popularity of pages, publications. In the given report it is necessary to give special attention to columns «Time on Page» and «Bounce Rate». For page and a high indicator of refusals those pages of a site which "frighten off" visitors from your site will show small time to you. On the basis of data from this report, you can make for yourselves the list of the most popular publications.

Content by Title

4. New VS Returning (in menu Visitors) or New and come back (in the menu Visitors).
Each blogger, and not only, wishes to know, whether there are at a blog regular customers, the interested a content and loving a blog. The given report will show you a share of the new and come back visitors on your blog.

New VS Returning

5. Map Overlay (in menu Visitors) or Imposing of data on a navigation chart (in the menu Visitors).
The information on in what countries there are your visitors, can be very important. Most likely, you will find out, that your audience is more international, than you assumed. Also the given information is irreplaceable, if you are engaged in commercial activity.

Map Overlay

In the end it would be desirable to notice, that the new interface of system Google Analytics became more convenient previous, for example, there was very convenient possibility to add any report on the panel of tools («Add to Dashboard»).

A review of Google Analytics

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