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You, for certain, noticed, that on some blogs each publication has a quantity of comments. Partly it is a sign on that on the given blog the community which members are active commentators was generated. You logically should have a question: «And how to me to create similar community?»

Besides it on number of comments it is possible to define activity of an audience, and as a demand of a published content and interest to the author of a blog. The fact of that an audience goes on contact by commenting of publications of a blog, is invaluable.

Further I wish to open to you of 5 effective ways, capable to strengthen activity of an audience of your blog!

1. Develop the schedule of the publication and strictly adhere to the schedule.
Be defined with number of publications which you can write in a week and adhere to this number. Stability is very important. Do not suppose such that on one week you have published 4 articles, then there was a fortnight idle time, and after — only 2 publications. The accurate schedule of publications will go on advantage to your readers, since they will know when to wait for your publications.

2. If at you the option of manual sorting of comments is included, sort them as it is possible more operatively.
At all it is not necessary to include an option of manual sorting of comments since users after commenting expect to see the comment immediately. Superfluous expectations irritate them, that simply should affect the relation to you.

3. Answer comments.
Let to users know, that their comments are appreciated, it is very important for them. If users in the comments set to you questions, answer them as much as possible accurately and in detail. If they express the opinion, will state the and prove.

In a similar way you will interest the readers and will cause them on more active contact. In most cases at the sight of such those pictures who persistently abstained earlier from comments, will start to leave on contact either to you, or to other commentators.

4. Allocate those commentators who leave the most useful comments.
In development of a blog you should notice, that your making comments readers were divided into 2 groups: in one group the readers leaving the most detailed and useful comments, in other group all the others. And so take and allocate commentators from 1st group of readers, will direct to them attention. After that you will give stimulus to everything since to appear an example for others it would be desirable everyone!

5. Ask to express of your readers their own opinion.
Be not afraid to ask of the readers to express their own opinion on any question. As an appeal following phrases can serve: «As you do it?», «Tell the history of success!» etc. Depending on a context of the corresponding publication.

By means of these easy 5 ways you it is guaranteed will become successful and will construct community round the blog!

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