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Gadgets or Girls?

Playboy TV

Three from four owners PlayStation 3 are ready to refuse love for the sake of a new computer game. To such conclusion the researchers who have interrogated 1130 owners PS3 have come, informs The Register.

By results of interrogation also it was found out, that an order of 30% of British PlayStation 3 users would prefer to spend night behind game with a prefix, than to lay down in bed with the partner. On fairly arising question "why?" Many of respondents have answered, that computer games — much more cheerful and pleasant pastime.

Keith Bakker, the director of the Amsterdam clinic specialising on treatment of game dependence, for practice couple of years was convinced that 90% of patients actually are not sick. More often they suffer from impracticality by a life and a society, cannot find contact to close people, therefore prefer to hide from problems and disorder in the virtual worlds.

By the way, idea of refusal of healthy relations with an opposite love for the sake of games and technics novelties has had time to make the way in show business. Last year Playboy TV has started show Gadget or the Girl by which rules participants-men should make a choice between prospect of dialogue with the nice girl and possibility to receive as a gift a new computer game.

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