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Microsoft forbids journalists iPhone

iPhone vs Microsoft

Employees of corporation Microsoft have once again shown the relation to a product of competitors — iPhone to company Apple. Manager MS has forbidden journalists to speak about iPhones during conference in Germany, informs The Register.

Unilateral dislike

On this action in Munich to the public have presented Windows Mobile 6.5. One of representatives of the press, asking a question, has mentioned, that never used more convenient phone, than iPhone.

Manager Microsoft has reacted to the remark of the journalist strange enough — he has asked not to mention company Apple products on the action devoted to discussion of products Microsoft. And, judging by reaction of a hall and conference continuation, the representative of the company did not joke.

Microsoft vs iPhone

Most likely, workers Microsoft had time to tyre rather with comparisons with Apple. On the other hand, it is difficult to present, that Steve Jobs or someone from chiefs Apple — have forbidden listeners to mention on the actions words "Microsoft", "Windows" and so on.

And here Steve Ballmer in similar situations does not hesitate and sincerely expresses the relation to contenders. In September head Microsoft has pulled out iPhone at one of employees of corporation and has pretended, that tramples down a toy. Similar, such behaviour became an official policy of the company.

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