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The Best Penis Extender
Penis Extender

The device consists of the plastic ring connected to two mobile metal cores which the plastic support with the special adaptation for fastening of a head of a penis is built in. The patient himself, without assistance, can establish or remove penis extender. Thanks to the small size and convenience of the device, penis extender it is possible to carry at walking, sitting etc.

Inventor Penis Extender

The founder of not surgical method of lengthening and penis thickening is Danish plastic surgeon Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., which in 1994 has made the first prototype of the device for these purposes. Under the first letters of his name the first developed ex-tender also was called.

Best Penis ExtenderPenis stretcher represents the device for lengthening of a penis by means of stretching effort. Action is based on ability of reaction of fabrics at influence on them of long stretching effort which causes increase in number of cages in these fabrics.

Best penis extender by means of the ex-tender and operation on penis lengthening carry out basically to the patients which size of a penis keeps within the standard, or very often exceeds the standard sizes. In this case the aspiration of many men to take priority at the expense of the sizes of a penis is supplemented.

In America the given operations began to make all more widely and more widely approximately from the middle of 90th years. In the beginning it became basically in Los Angeles, but very quickly the technology has extended on all large cities and now good experts in penis lengthening can be found almost in each large city of the USA.

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