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The anonymous author have convicted of the cocaine use


Users of a forum 4chan have convicted the employee of the White house of the use of drugs. One of anonymous participants of a forum has written, that already long is on work and all cannot leave home in any way. Nearby the anonymous author has published a photo of three "paths", apparently, cocaine, having noticed, that so whiles away time for service. Thus the anonymous author has written, that will not tell, where works, because all the same will not believe.

Geographical co-ordinates from the White House

The photo has been made with the help iPhone which by means of the GPS-module can show geographical co-ordinates of the owner. Other anonymous participants 4chan by means of EXIF-given to a photo could find out, that the user is in Washington, in the White house. It is impossible to exclude, thus, that these data have been forged.

Anonymous pornoattack

4chan it is well-known for the provocations which obligatory condition is anonymity. So, on January, 6th anonymous authors have carried out the scale calculation of pornographic videoclips on service YouTube, having revenged thus for blocking of the accounting record of the eight-year boy.

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