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Apple has blocked the Buddhist leader


From bashful blocking of programs with sexual or simply physiological content Apple has passed to political censorship, having blocked in China objectionable to the appendix government, informs The Industry Standard. Users Chinese App Store have lost possibility to buy the appendices connected with the enemy of the country — the spiritual leader of Buddhists Dálài Lamā.

Inaccessible appendices

In shop five appendices, connected with Dálài Lamā (supports branch of Tibet from China) and Rebiya Kadeer (the leader of Uigur separatists) are presented at least. These appendices, however, are inaccessible in Chinese version App Store, and not at will of developers. The Chinese authorities of these companions for the clear reasons strongly do not love, considering as criminals and «devils with human faces».

It is not known, whether blocking is connected with instructions "from above" or it is gesture of "good will" most Apple. In the company declare, that Apple it is necessary to consider local specificity in the different countries, and not everywhere it is possible to sell all. Founders of appendices have not been notified, that their creations have been closed in China, but as a whole understand motivation of actions Apple.

Blocking of the Nobel winner

It is remarkable, that as a result of self-censorship Apple has blocked including the appendix concerning Dálài Lamā only indirectly: it is a question of the program devoted to the Nobel winners — and Dálài Lamā has received the world award 20 years ago.

Tractability Apple is easy for understanding — for all strict rules of the Chinese authorities are known, to which the largest western brands are obliged to follow to get access to the Chinese economy.

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