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The authorities of France have postponed acceptance of the antipiracy law

Antipiracy law

The government of France has postponed commissioning of the antipiracy law of "three blows" which allows to disconnect from the Internet of the users downloading an illegal content, writes Ars Techica. The national commission of computer science and freedom has suspected, that the new law can break human rights.

Base of "three blows"

Main task CNIL — to be convinced, that information technologies respect the person, the rights and freedom. The law basis of "three blows", consisting in reception of the information on actions of subscribers from providers, became object of trial.

The new department created specially for realisation of the antipiracy law, should give to members CNIL all their interesting information. In particular, they wish to find out, as there is a data gathering about potential infringers and as archiving and a data storage are arranged. It is expected, that the document will meet with commission approval not earlier than in some months.

The urgent law

The law has been approved by parliament on September, 22nd, 2009. The law means dispatch to infringers of the copyright of preventions, and after the third prevention — penalty imposing for the sum to 300 thousand euro or imprisonment for the term up to two years.

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