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Computer Spy for your calmness

Computer Spy

Computer Spy is a convenient utility which is specially developed for automatic supervision over the Internet and the computer. Combining two these powerful functions, the given program observes of e-mail, service of fast messages, web sites, program activity.

The basic characteristics of the Computer Spy:

* Observes for the Internet activity and web sites.
* Supervises computer activity and the started applications.
* Writes down all pressing keys.
* Gives protection by the password for a broad gull of files.
* Gives the supervision screen.

Detailed characteristics of the Computer Spy:

— Observes of all actions of the user on the Internet. Computer Spy informs you on each activated web site during use of your computer and records all actions during Internet viewing.
— Writes down all activity behind the computer, observes of use of programs. The given program keeps all information concerning the started appendices, and functioning programs, allowing you to warn them and to supervise all time.
— Computer Spy writes down all pressing keys. The given records include each key which has been used for a program application and even for the exchange program by fast messages.
— Gives the information on registration. The given program allows you to look through the access report to the printer, the buffer of an exchange and files and even to received e-mail. You can pack a broad gull files or put on them protection by the password.
— The given program allows to delete a broad gull files at any moment. Computer Spy also gives you possibility to delete them automatically.
— Computer Spy gives you the supervision screen. When the given program observes of all appendices and programs and allows you to know about various preventions and allows you to supervise all actions behind the computer.
— Grasps screen pictures in PING a format and compresses them on demand.
— Computer Spy has idle time in use, the convenient graphic interface, takes not enough place on a hard disk for functioning and works simply, quickly and with excellent results.

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