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Google Gmail became protected


From reasons of safety Google has changed an exchange of the user data with web mail Gmail on-default c the usual http-report to the protected connection https. On it it is informed in corporate blog Gmail.

Specially for new accounting records Gmail

At desire in options of the accounting record users can be switched from the protected connection to the ordinary. Changes have concerned only new accounting records Gmail.

According to the technical director of post service Google Sam Schillace, possibility of a choice of the protected connection was present at users Gmail since 2008, however recently the corporation has decided to strengthen safety of the clients.

Data exchange use under the protected report https allows to avoid leaks of the important information at work with mail in public places, for example, in zones with free Wi-Fi. However this report has also lacks. In connection with necessity of enciphering of the information data transmission through https is conducted with lower speed in comparison with not protected report http.

The Chinese attack

Let's remind, on January, 12th Google also has informed in the blog that in the middle of December, 2009 services have undergone to the directed attack from China. According to corporation, to attack has undergone not only Google, but also more other 30 large companies.

The attack overall objective considers access reception to accounting records Gmail of leading Chinese legal experts. The corporation has specified, that malefactors have not reached the purpose. Later the attack fact was confirmed also with company Adobe, also having placed the message in the corporate blog.

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