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Liquid crystal replacement of a notebook

Boogie Board

Company Improv Electronics has developed the liquid crystal tablet Boogie Board, called to replace paper notebooks, writes CrunchGear. The device uses surface Reflex LCD of company Kent Displays. Reflex LCD represents the plastic reacting to pressing and keeping the written.

Economic notebook

Energy is not necessary to the device at drawing. Energy is spent only at deleting. The small battery which charge suffices on 50,000 deletings is built in a liquid crystal tablet.
For drawing the special pencil is applied, however it is possible to use any firm subject. The new device is sensitive to force of pressing that allows to draw lines of a different thickness.

Limited functionality Boogie Board

It is how much possible to judge, one colour — yellow is accessible to users only. Besides, it is impossible to erase a part of the written. Also Boogie Board cannot copy record on other device yet - the computer, the laptop or a mobile phone.

Boogie Board is on sale for $30US. Affirms, that cost of each deleting at Boogie Board in 15 times below cost of a standard sheet of a usual notebook.

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