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London will distribute given to all interested person

Boris Johnson

The mayor of London — Boris Johnson has decided to lay out the information, available the city authorities, in special shop London Datastore. It is supposed, that developers of appendices can receive useful data sets in this shop, and municipal data will be free.

London Datastore will open on January, 29th

On a site data about schools, calls of first aid, the London crimes, exhausts of the hotbed gases surrendering office premises, dust, frequency of abortions and others will publish.

Besides, the fund 4ip television channel Channel 4 will offer developers within the limits of this initiative of 200,000 pounds sterling. This money will go on creation of the innovative appendices using sets of the London data. in the USA

It's the first similar shop of data in the Great Britain. In the United States governmental portal where departments spread the collected information for free use by all interested persons already functions.

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