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Mr. Bin has changed the Spanish prime minister

Mr. Bin

Because of vulnerability in system of safety of the site devoted to the Spanish presidency in the European Union, on Monday on the governmental site there was a photo of the comic character of Mr. Bin, informs Agence France-Presse.

Rowan Atkinson welcomes you!

Mr. Bin which role is executed 20 years by British comedian Rowan Atkinson, welcomed visitors of the main page the well-known smile and a word "greetings". After the message on breaking many users have decided to be convinced of substitution by own eyes in this connection in the evening on Monday the site practically was not accessible.

It was a script...

Meanwhile the representative of the Spanish government has underlined, that the site has not been cracked, as inform the Spanish mass-media. Unknown jokers have really changed the image of the main page for a physiognomy of the British comedian, but it was not reflected in safety of the information.

Jokes concerning similarity of the prime minister of Spain José Luis Rodrigesa Zapatero and Mr. Bin are not new, reports. This comparison is especially popular in opponents of the politician-socialist. Let's remind, Spain which already became at the head of the European Union four times, will preside in EU till July, 2010.

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