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The site of acquaintances has removed thick questionnaires


The site of acquaintances has removed questionnaires about five thousand users which have grown stout for a Christmas and New Year's vacation. On it on Monday informs BBC News.

Beautiful people have grown fat

Questionnaires subject to removal have been selected on the photos, which owners have placed last days. It is informed, that strict measures to the grown fat users have been accepted on request of other participants of a network of acquaintances who have decided, that those are not entered any more in beauty and symmetry standards. Most of all grown fat it has appeared among inhabitants of the USA, the Great Britain and Canada.

High standards of beauty

As the founder of service Robert Hintze has informed, loss of each user is regrettable, however it is necessary for administration to observe high standards of beauty. "If to allow fat men and fat women to wander on a site, there will be a direct threat of our business model and the concept for the sake of which service" was created, — he has declared.

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