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eBay will pay Louis Vuitton indemnification in $316,000

Louis Vuitton

Online auction eBay has paid companies Louis Vuitton indemnification in $316,500US. Such decision, informs Associated Press on Thursday, on February, 11th, has accepted the District court of Paris investigating the claim of the manufacturer of luxury goods about infringement of exclusive rights on the trade mark.

Louis Vuitton is indignant

eBay also enters an interdiction for search for the site on the keywords concerning to Louis Vuitton, including such spelling, as: "Viton," "Vitton" or "Wuiton". Earlier on search inquiry with use of the words set forth above online auction announcements eBay, paid for this kind of advertising stood out.

Representatives of a management eBay have already informed, that intend to appeal against against the decision of the Parisian court. Thus they have noticed, that though the court and has supported the claimant, the size of indemnification has appeared much less, than company Louis Vuitton counted.

Judicial suits

The owner of trade mark Louis Vuitton — company LVMH — with variable success conducts some years proceeding with Google, whose advertising network AdWords gives possibility of display of announcements on in advance redeemed keywords.

In turn, manufacturers of luxury goods including Louis Vuitton, have won some judicial claims to online auction eBay, the counterfeit goods concerning sale under their marks.

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