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The interactive guidebook to the British history is started

Sources from History

The British library has started project Timelines: Sources from History. The project represents the interactive guidebook to history of the Great Britain from the beginning of XIII century up to now with a selection of various documents and the richest illustrative material. The project has been developed by experts of the British library together with several historians and writers.

Five thematic subsections

Besides a summary chronological axis, in Timelines there are five thematic: "the Policy, the power and revolts", "the Literature, art and entertainments", "the Daily life", "Sacred texts" and "Medicine, a science and technologies".

For schoolboys and students

Also in Timelines it is possible to find out cards, posters, manuscripts of the British writers, maps, patents and many other things. The project is intended first of all for schoolboys and the students studying history, and for their teachers. In the British library count, that Timelines will allow to expand considerably possibilities of studying of history and other social studies.

Earlier British library has opened archive of newspapers of XIX century on the site, and also has digitized and has laid out in public access the collection of a folk music (in total about 2000 hours of sounding).

Earlier national libraries of the different countries had been started some the historical projects similar Timelines (in particular, the World digital library), however any of them could not brag of such completeness and a variety.

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