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Japanese have increased term of a life of the battery till 20 years


Japanese company Eamex has informed on creation of the technology, allowing to increase term of a life li-ionic of accumulators till 20 years and to finish number of recharges to 10,000 times. About it writes CrunchGear referring to agency Nikkei.

Advanced system of ionisation

Eamex it was possible to stabilise electrodes and to prevent tin destruction on them. The cathode in new accumulators includes the pitch covered with tin and accumulates the ions of lithium going from the anode. Last is made of silicon and tin.

Revolution in motor industry

In the message it is not said, that similar accumulators will find application in mobile electronic devices. While it is a question of the batteries used in electrocars and scooters.

The first batteries with use of technology Eamex will appear in the end of a year. Their specific power will make 10 kW/kg. Use of new batteries, under statements of inventors, is very favourable in the price relation.