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Package have downloaded 300 million times


Software package have downloaded over 300 million times. On it has officially informed community which has presented on February, 11th the new version of a product. It is more than half of loadings it is made from an official site.

Basic competitor Microsoft Office

Office package is basic competitor Microsoft Office and, unlike the last, extends free of charge. OpenOffice 3.2 became the first serious updating of large office packages in 2010. 3.2 it began to be started faster, to display open standard ODF, and also the closed formats of files, such as.doc and.docx better. Work of all components of a package is Besides, improved.

New 2010

New version while left in 17 languages. In the near future should be updated even more ten language versions. Developers also have reminded, that support OpenOffice 2 has come to the end in December, 2009 and have urged to pass to new versions.

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