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The day before yesterday, after playing in a of poker in the tournament I still did not get my fix so I jumped online casino to play at for a while before dream. I hit my «quota» of 150 hands and turned what looked to be a $10,000 losing session into a $26,000 win. I was down to $3,000 before sucking out on Stinger when my trip 6’s on the turn his flush on the small river. That got me rolling and then I cracked BB with 21 for a monster, beat AK with QQ...

My triumphal start

Cake PokerThe other VIP I won was a pot that I really earned rather than got lucky. I chose to sit on Stinger’s right because of all of the online guys at Stars he seems to give me the most trouble so I wanted to have position on him. In this hand he raised to $600 from the very small blind. He doesn’t really limp from the very small blind, he either makes a large raise as he did, or folds. I called with A-4 The flop was A-6-4 with two spades. He bet 1100 and I called. The turn was the Ks putting the flush out there and I think he bet either 3200 or 3600, I am not sure. I was getting a small worried that he may have me drawing dead to a hand like AK or A8, but I called anyway hoping to play a checked down river.

Full tiltThe river was a 4th spade, the 8s. Now Stinger bet $8,600. Making 2 pair was completely irrelevant to my hand, it seems extremely unlikely that he would value bet aces up... What is not real, though, is him value betting the Qs or even a much smaller spade. He seems to be an really excellent player so his range wasn’t committed to the Qs or nothing, he could possibly be value betting even the 10s.

Poker starsI did not think he had it, but, as I felt like he might have checked the turn. But why? I can not say, but based on the way we played some hands in the past, I thought that if he had one big spade, regardless of his other card, he might check it to me. Since he did bet both the flop and the turn, I felt like I was up against another monster. I called the $8,600 and he turned over card...

The Best US Poker Networks

It's way too early to tell how I’ll fare in that game long term, but all early indications make me feel really satisfied that I am a favorite against most lineups online. In my opinion it is the best USA Poker Networks, all the rest, in comparison with it a casino — a mocking parody.

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