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Wikileaks has found money for work continuation


Noncommercial organisation Sunshine Press has collected the minimum sum necessary for renewal of work of resource Wikileaks, publishing confidential, semiconfidential, office and other documents.

Wikileaks will live!

In the end of January — the beginning of February administration Wikileaks has informed on a suspension of the project because of shortage of means. For work renewal it was required at least $200,000US, and project Wikileaks had only 130,000.

We agree to work for meal...

Thanks to donations of private persons for some days the sum has been finished to $200,000US (the resource does not accept payments from the state and commercial organisations). Representatives Wikileaks write, that are ready to continue work even if it should eat fig... They specify, that for payments of salaries and realisation of plans for 2010 it is required to them of $600,000US.

Wikileaks it is known for variety of loud publications. Their number includes almost seven thousand reports of Research service of the Congress of the USA, documents of the Ministry of Defence of the Great Britain etc.

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