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Pickup Evolutions

F-150 Ford

Pickup — the easy commercial car with an open cargo platform, as a rule, with full weight to 4,54 tons and load-carrying capacity to 2,5 tons.
The first mass pickups with a small platform for transportation of cargoes on the basis of automobile models have appeared in the beginning of 20th century, and in second half 1910th years the largest American autofirms «Ford», «Dodge» and «Chevrolet» began to carry out manufacture of pickups by a conveyor method.

Luxury off-road car

To the middle of 80th years, all over the world pickups were ranked as exclusively utilitarian transport, i.e. pickups were popular among farmers and proletariat, but later, pickups became especially popular in the North America, and then all over the world.
First, the pickup is cheaper than an off-road car, secondly, is perfectly well capacious and possesses the reliable operational characteristic, in the third, is supplied with advanced pickup truck cover and the powerful towing motor.

Tundra Toyota

It has led to displacement of demand towards cars of the given type and to occurrence in the given segment of new brands, including even such prestigious as «Cadillac» and «Lincoln».

GM has shown new Chevrolet Silverado

General Motors has presented on a motor show in Chicago new pickup Chevrolet Silversdo Heavy Duty 2011 with outstanding characteristics in a segment of "heavy pickups".


The engine power is not disclosed yet. Nevertheless the information on new system of clearing of exhaust and extang gases (SCR) became accessible.

The car will receive the expanded fuel tank (~136L). As a result with the diesel engine the pickup can pass without refuelling ~1090km. Silversdo Heavy Duty it will be accessible in two versions on full weight (updatings 2500/3500), and also in rear-wheel (2WD) or all-wheel drive (4WD) variants.

Silverado Chevrolet

Also, comfort and safety level has considerably improved. Rear-wheel versions of a pickup will be completed with system of stability StabiliTrak. For an additional payment: a rear-view camera, reliable armour lid, and exclusive anticreeping system OnStar 9.0.

Truck & SUV Snowplows

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