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Sony has sold 60 million PSP


Sony Computer Entertainment has sold more than 60 million PSP, informs IGN referring to a communique of representatives of the company. Only in the North America where sales PSP have begun in 2005, it is realised already more than 17 million consoles.

UMD Forever!

Representatives Sony also have assured, that the company does not intend to refuse format UMD. In spite of the fact that last model which has left for today of console PSP Go is calculated on digital distribution, games for PSP will not only extend by means of Internet service PlayStation Network, but also still to leave on compact discs.

As informs Joystiq, representatives Sony also have informed, that number of users of service PlayStation Home has reached 12 million. The director of service Jack Buser has noticed, that such result will reach not at the expense of disposable visitors. As he said, 85 percent of users which create the character and the virtual house in PlayStation Home, will be authorised subsequently in service again. Average time of stay of the user in PlayStation Home for one visiting makes about one hour.

About PlayStation Home

Service PlayStation Home has been officially started in December, 2008. PlayStation Home represents virtual space in which there are the zones devoted to separate games. Besides, minigames, videoclips and other content are accessible to users Home.

In 2009 it has been declared start in Japan of service Room which should represent similarity PlayStation Home for PSP. This service also gives to users the admission to minigames and an additional content.

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