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The Business Trend: Discount Marketing

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One of effective tools of management of sales is use of discount cards. All trading cards work within the limits of the certain discount program. The purpose of the discount program is to involve new clients at the expense of granting of discounts. Besides it large shops (for example Sears Brands, LLC) released the special free Sears coupon codes & Deals for original virus advertising of the products.

Coupon Codes & Shopping Cards

Shoe shopAll variety of the shopping cards is reduced to two models of their functioning: credit and discount. Exists and the mixed scheme.

Credit cards can work both under the advance payment scheme, and under the scheme of the delayed payment. At use by buyers of the credit cards, the main respectable factor is possibility of discounts. Thus, online shopping coupon codes are favourable for buyers (discount systems and best prices), and also for a sellers (real goods turnover and constant buyers).

Shopping couponThe account of the buyer can be conducted in a shop database, access to which is carried out at the help of a card with a magnetic strip, and can be conducted in memory of a microcircuit on a card and be displayed in a database in the end of day, after gathering of settlement transactions from all trading terminals or cash desks.

The credit card allows to define a scale of discounts depending on size of the currency account. Such type of the discount scheme induces the buyer more often to fill up the account. According to HSN's marketing researches, after introduction of the firm HSN coupon codes — sales have grown on 26%, and it only for the first 3 months.

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The classical scheme of loyalty consists in calculation of the special prize-winning points. The card usually stands out free of charge. The time factor is sometimes entered — bonuses should be saved up for certain time. Otherwise they "burn down", and all should be begun anew.

Billion Points Contest by Sears

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