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Promo Trends of Products

Trading adviser

Traditionally, the product takes root on the market by means of various methods: advertising in mass-media, motivations to purchase of given product through newspapers and magazines, virus marketing, preview trailers on TV and on the Internet, and many other tricks.

Competent Sales = Competent Promo Actions

Sellers try to convince the consumer what their product is the best. Necessity in the competent promotional products of is especially necessary to the competitive goods. The strategic success on the market is caused in time by the created advertising campaign and... good promotion.

Cheerful creative

Start of the commercial project should make furore, i.e. draw attention, make stunning effect. In industrial marketing among kinds of advancement it is more preferable to use publicity (or a complex of the PR-actions directed on creation of the company style); on the second place — ADV!

Halls where is on sale furniture and accessories of Scandinavian company IKEA is very unusually arranged: they completely simulate rooms of the huge house, such as: bedrooms with beds, bathrooms with faience, drawing rooms with satellite TV, children's rooms with toys, vestibules with bar mats, loggias with hangers, etc.


Besides, it's difficult enough to get out of shop. The buyer finds not at once a way out of show rooms and... walks, captivated by an abundance of the goods. As a rule, with money it's simply impossible to be kept in such situation from purchase. Besides it, trading advisers give exclusive lanyards with a logo IKEA, thus it some kind of a sign — We Wait For You Again!

IKEA's Bedroom from Rebecca Robeson

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