Trend Web [2010-01-03

  • Google has officially presented the competitor iPhone

  • Microsoft has sold 39 million consoles Xbox 360

  • Intel has opened own shop of appendices for laptops

  • Americans for holidays have left in online of 27 billion dollars

  • The authorities of France have postponed acceptance of the antipiracy law

  • London will distribute given to all interested person

  • The American manufacturer of web filters has accused China of plagiarism

  • Semiconductor devices

  • The mass protest of consumers

  • The British policemen are punished for visiting of pornosites

  • The site of acquaintances has removed thick questionnaires

  • Mr. Bin has changed the Spanish prime minister

  • Day of a pornography on YouTube

  • Dead have fined on $1,77 million

  • Economic lamps VS Usual lamps

  • Books Aren't Dead

  • Apple has blocked the Buddhist leader

  • Fireclick will accelerate loading of Web pages

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