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Economic lamps VS Usual lamps

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Europe gradually passes to economic lamps, but whether are they adequate replacement of a usual bulb? Thomas Edison's invention essentially has not changed for last 130 years. A lamp with a tungsten thread name still “a shone oven”: 95% of consumed electric power leave on heating of environment and only 5% passes in light energy. To improve factor of useful activity, luminescent and light-emitting diode bulbs have been thought up. However, despite all flight of engineering thought, leaders of sales are simple bulbs, under very comprehensible price.

Economic lamps — save an electricity!

The main advantage of economic ampoule lamps in their low consumption of energy. Thanks to other principle of ignition the bulb as manufacturers promise, works for 80% more effectively. On packings it is shown in the form of such, for example, values: 15 W = 85 W. It means, that a product consuming 15 watt, shines as a standard bulb 85 W.

Ampoule a led“Whether but so it?” — we have asked a question. And I have made simple experiment. Has bought at random seven ampoule a led by firms: Polux, Osram, Pila, Megaman, Philips and Kanlux. So it has turned out, there's nothing to be done, after all I specially have put itself to the place of the potential buyer who has been not strongly advanced in questions of light engineering.

Then has carried lamps in industrial laboratory where the employee has measured light exposure in a concrete point by means of the special device. Measurements were made under the standard standards: on distance of one metre from a light source. The obtained data has compared to the standard a standard lamp.

As well as assumed, the declared and actual size of a light stream it is considerably separated. Have strongly overestimated indicators Pila, Philips and Polux, and have underestimated — Kanlux, Osram and Megaman. I have considered this factor, when compared a recoupment indicator in hours and days. And if year of a continuous luminescence is required to a light-emitting diode bulb to become favourable purchase in comparison with a standard lamp for this purpose it is required to luminescent products from a month (Polux) to two (Megaman, Philips).

And here we should start talking about service life of luminescent bulbs because their second important advantage considers "survivability". Besides on packing and write — 6, 7 or even 10 years of operation. For this time purchase it is valid can repeatedly pay off, if not one moment...

Worthy alternative to a standard lamp

Simulateur d'aubeThe term specified by the manufacturer provides operation perfect conditions — we will tell, three hours per day of continuous work. However in a real life we for one evening some times switch on and off light in one only a drawing room. And no lamps love it.

Especially luminescent for which it is necessary from 20 seconds about one minute only completely to inflame. Moreover, manufacturers directly do not recommend to use them there where light joins less than for 10-15 minutes.

It turns out that while the normal alternative to standard lamps of such operation is not present. But manufacturers constantly think out something, and in some years, probably, in the market there will be also such inexpensive product. For example the French illumination by simulateur d'aube very much will change your interior.

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Economic lamps VS Usual lamps + lamp