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The important message for VMware administrators

VMware vSphere Training

If you yet did not hear, I dare to inform you, that David Davis & partners over at Train Signal not so long ago have presented to the public VMware vSphere training course, The given release is called «VMware vSphere Pro Series Training, Vol 1».

If you wish get more information about this new Vmware training courses I represent to your attention the small summary from me.

About «VMware vSphere Pro Series Training, Vol 1»

vExpertThe new VMware vSphere Pro Series video course features not only the leader David Davis, but also well-known VMware experts Rick Scherer and Hal Rottenberg.
David Davis takes viewers of the training course through a section on the fact-finding VMware View, VMware’s application virtualization solution, and VMware’s product for virtual desktops.
Hal Rottenberg provides the high-grade coverage of PowerCLI, and Rick Scherer interestingly discusses about the Cisco Nexus 1000V. All in all, the new Vmware training video course is more eleven hours in length (!).

Train your mind!

Best VMworld 2009I do have to notice that I haven’t yet had the real opportunity to actually view this new training videos. But, I am confident that this new product is a truly Pro Video Training.

If you are a VMware administrator (or wish to become them), this training video «VMware vSphere Pro Series Training, Vol 1» is an really excellent course for start. Vmware backup will be always in your mind!

VMware Fault Tolerance

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The important message for VMware administrators + vSphere