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The Australian mobile tendencies

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A new Australian web site about mobile phones present for potential mobile users unique possibility to compare more than 1,000 different handsets and mobile plans.

On a web site compare the really best mobile Australian phone plans, mobile operators and all phone assortment.

Logic mobile search

Creators wanted as much as possible to simplify choice of a mobile phone and the tariff plan for the sake of your convenience and economy of time. People looks for unique product features (or unusual mobile phone), so creators focussed on preference search options for more clear results.

MobileBuddyAlso, web site features a truly large library of articles about new mobile phone trends, emerging modern conceptual features, and technical tests of various models of mobile phones.

Though I and not the inhabitant of Australia, but I periodically visit the given web site because I always aspire to be well informed about last mobile tendencies.

London Mobile Buddies

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The Australian mobile tendencies + trend