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FBI has declassified cyber gangs

FBI in the USA

FBI has presented typical structure of the gang which are engaged in crimes in sphere of computer technologies. With the story about it the deputy director of department of FBI on cyber crimes Steven Chabinski at exhibition FOSE has acted, writes Computerworld.

Cyber mafia of 21st century

Chabinski has declared, that cyber gangs start to remind on the structure criminal syndicates — easier speaking, a mafia. He also has noticed, that struggle against crimes in sphere of high technologies has turned to the major problem which faces to FBI, informs eSecurity Planet.

As experts of FBI have concluded, the list from 10 key specialities in the world of computer criminality is opened by the programmers developing harmful program decisions. Behind them there are dealers the stolen information and technical IT-experts.

At the head of a pyramid there are financiers, whose functions are reduced to the control over receipt of means, their moving from one account on another and to washing up of criminal incomes. And at pyramid top leaders of criminal groupings who are engaged in acquisition of gangs and definition of the purposes settle down.

Round-the-clock cyber gangsters

FBI notices, that modern cyber gangs differ readiness to work everywhere and "without days off". Chabinski recognised, that malefactors can already start planning of criminal acts in some hours after vulnerability revealing.

FBI staff on struggle against crimes in sphere of computer technologies totals more than thousand employees in territory of the USA. The bureau actively co-operates with corresponding bodies of other states and has already directed to 60 countries of the representatives for struggle against the international cyber criminality.

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FBI has declassified cyber gangs + USA