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In China has ceased to work Google

Google search

The search inquiries sent on March, 30th by inhabitants of China from main page Google, did not give out results. Instead of them at users the empty page with the information on a search error was loaded, writes The Los Angeles Times. Also the error led to connection rupture to the Internet. Thus other services Google continued to work.

The Chinese block

This malfunction has been fixed in territory of continental China. Chinese users Twitter have started to inform on malfunctions in the searcher about five o'clock in the evening on local time. Thus service of microblogs Twitter in territory of China is officially blocked, therefore it is necessary for users "to apply technical cunnings" to publish a content.

Error or Consequence?

Google officially has not commented on a situation, and remains not clear, whether are errors of search a measure accepted by the Chinese government in reply to refusal Google to carry out censorship of search inquiries. Google has made decision to refuse from censorship on March, 22nd, in reply to hacker attacks to the corporate network.

At the moment the Chinese visitors of site are automatically redirected on Hong Kong portal Further search is carried out by means of the servers also located in Hong Kong. It allows the searcher not to fulfil the requirement of the Chinese government on obligatory censorship of search inquiries.

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In China has ceased to work Google + Twitter