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Obama has lost a beer box

Robert Gibbs

The US president Barack Obama has satisfied a condition of a bet which has been concluded with the Canadian Prime Minister on an Olympic hockey match Canada vs the USA.

Yuengling & Molson

As the representative of the White House Robert Gibbs has given the order to embassy of the USA in Canada to send in office of the Canadian Prime Minister not only the "won" box of beer Yuengling from Pennsylvania, but also a box of beer Molson which has staked Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Itself Gibbs also has lost a bet to the Canadian colleague Dmitri Soudas. On Friday press-secretary has appeared before journalists in a sweater of national Canadian hockey team.
If you too are the minion of fortune, is your choice! It's real possibility to win the big box of beer!

Robert makes due on a bet with Dmitri

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Obama has lost a beer box + USA