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To inhabitants of the UK have promised the superfast Internet

Gordon Brown

Each inhabitant of the Great Britain can be connected to the superspeed broadband Internet - with such pre-election pledge the prime minister of the country Gordon Brown has acted, informs BBC News. Thus Brown has not named exact date of performance of this project. The Prime minister has only noticed, that by 2020 the country becomes the world leader in the field of digital economy.

The telephone tax finances the Internet

The Labour party initiative will be financed at the expense of introduction of the tax to telephone lines at a rate of 6 pounds a year. Gordon Brown also has promised to create a uniform portal of the state services which will allow inhabitants of the country to operate, in particular, pension savings, to pay municipal taxes and other delights of bureaucratism.

Labour stimulation

Distribution of the broadband Internet, according to labourites, will promote trade development, reduction in price and improvement of quality of the state services. This measure will allow all inhabitants of the country to participate in development of the electronic government that will make state services by more effective. Labourites recognised, that for achievement of these purposes it is necessary for state to stimulate advancement of the fast Internet in the remote areas of the country.

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To inhabitants of the UK have promised the superfast Internet + trend