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Intel for three months has earned more $10 billion


Intel Corp. has presented the financial report about the first quarter 2010. As is informed in the official press release, this quarter became record for all history Intel: the company gain has made 10,3 billion US dollars.

Record indicators

The company has received net profit at a rate of 2,4 billion dollars, that for 288% above, than in the first quarter 2009.In comparison with the fourth quarter 2009 of sale Intel have a little decreased. The company has explained it seasonal factors and the raised demand for production on the eve of New Year's and Christmas holidays.

Astable financial indicators

I will notice, that the first and second quarters 2009 became one of the worst as a whole on branch. For this period the least quantity of orders in view of an astable financial position of many OEM-manufacturers was necessary.

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Intel for three months has earned more $10 billion + statistic