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It's Wii

Wii — the name a lung for a pronunciation in the different countries of the world. Simultaneously, brand name Wii is unique. It not an abbreviation and not serial number. It's Nintendo Wii!

Revolutionary Controller

Controller Wii — the unique controller which gives the chance to children, to grandmothers and grandfathers to play on a level with the "most prepared" members of a family (in comparison with GameCube).

Nintendo has made of controller Wii absolutely universal controller: in one game you should cut enemies (as the knight with sword), in other games is possible to smoothly turn with the left-to the right (as real driver)... Wii Video Games which are completed with each game system Nintendo Wii, to the full opens all possibilities of revolutionary management!

With Wii you not simply feel the player, you are in the game. The most optimum variant will join a new tendency of Wii reality — registration to video game rentals online and... to play, play, play, because the choice is truly enormous!

Grand Slam Tennis

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