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Sony Ericsson Vivaz: for the Spanish as Live phone

Sony Ericsson VivazVivaz

Me frankly irritates from the majority of monotonous mobile phones, all of them as if are copied the friend from the friend. Identical correct forms with hardly the rounded corners, with navigation by central joystick, nonfunctional sliders; but sectarians with the clinical fucking crazy incurable diagnosis — iPhoneMania — is are really disgusting mobile trend...

Vivaz by Sony Ericsson

But Sony Ericsson Vivaz has departed from standards of the classical smartphones. Vivaz has a variable thickness on all length (it's viewed in a profile photos). Together with the qualitative varnished plastic it creates very original and unique effect which is not meeting hitherto never. Thus, Sony Ericsson Vivaz is really unique smartphone, but you do not know about new unique technical characteristics...

OK, technical features of Sony Ericsson Vivaz:

HD-quality of VideoRec

Wish to feel itself in a role of the cameraman and the film director? So include a videocamera of mobile phone Vivaz by Sony Ericsson!
In an arsenal there are all necessary functions: the continuous automatic focusing, a digital zoom working in the course of recordings, HD-quality format 1280x720 pixels and many other useful innovations.
Hardware processing of a video-camera is made by a tandem: OpenGL graphic accelerator & IVA 2+ video decoder.

Operate easy touches!

Thanks to the 3,2-inch display with the permission 360x640 pixels, work with the device is not simply pleasant — she allows to estimate in a new fashion technological progress, to open for herself real sensations of comfortable dialogue with technics of modern trends.
Picture quality, brightness, clearness, vivacity of paints and review corners — all's high grade.

ARM Cortex A8 for Vivaz

You will pleasantly be surprised with speed of work of this smart phone. Any operation will made in the minimum time interval, it's really speeded reactions!
The interface is simple and clear. And all because in heart of device is powerful processor ARM Cortex A8.
Sony Ericsson Kurara — one of the most speeded devices of Series60!

Sony Vivaz

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Ericsson Vivaz

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz: for the Spanish as Live phone + Vivaz