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Barbie will connect to social network of Foursquare

Barbie Video Girl

Barbie has registered a profile in social geo service of Foursquare. The profile is used for competition which starts on July, 20th. Thus, Barbie will travel in any cities of the USA and to hide there the certain things, which users should find.

Barbie Video Doll

Participants of competition should by means of Foursquare "be registered" in places where there are Barbie's hidden things. The winner will receive doll Barbie Video Girl with the videocamera, the liquid crystal screen and the program for editing of videoclips.

The doll IT-expert

Besides it, in February, 2010 Mattel announced Barbie in an style of the computer expert. Toy laptop, the smart phone and wireless ear-phones, and also a thematic IT T-shirt are applied on a doll.

Foursquare — one of the most popular American social geo networks. Users can specify a place in which they are at present, and also to share the site with friends.

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Barbie will connect to social network of Foursquare + video