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How to choose a web hosting for WordPress?

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Before to make a choice in favour of any hosting, let's at first define the basic requirements to Content Management System of WordPress for normal work.

Technical parametres for WordPress:

1. Presence and version of PHP 4.3 or higher.
2. The fresh version & quantity of MySQL databases (4.0 or higher).
3. A server and modules for a blog hosting.
4. Volume of disk space for WordPress CMS.
5. Memory and the time processor.
For certain all know, that WordPress very exacting to resources of a server of a web hosting but if your blog has less than 1,000 visitors a day, you can not worry about this problem at all.

The hosting should have the fast data link!

Is important — the blog should be loaded as soon as possible. As informs HostGator WordPress Review about choice of the best hosting company: "Important role in speed of loading of a blog is defined by quality of intermediate servers through which the information transfer from a hosting to the user is carried out."

Hosting for WordPress should be as much as possible stable!

The main competent stability of any authoritative WordPress Hosting is a trouble-free work in a round-the-clock regime. In practice even the most authoritative hosting's sometimes give failure and become inaccessible any time. The stable Uptime is equaled on the average 99,9%.

The hosting company should have a feedback with a hosting support service!

It's very important point, and for blog start up, and for professional bloggers. In the average and expensive price category, all hostings give a possibility maximum operatively to solve a question or a problem (phone, e-mail, ISQ, Skype etc.). But, in a low price category, more often, web-hosting providers are limited to the contacts form and e-mail.

WordPress Hosting

The hosting company should give the test period with possibility of refusal and the refund. The given service still is called the MoneyBack. The period should be not less than 5 days (is better 10 and thus without additional payments, for example in the Bluehost WordPress Review is promised of 100% MoneyBack). If, something will not suit you — you should have possibility to return the money and to refuse services of the given hosting provider.

Often hosting of the company gives a bonus — the free domain if you pay an advance payment for a year or more. The bonus is good, if you are assured of the hosting provider and precisely will take places henceforth on this hosting all paid period.

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