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History of Legendary Phone

iPhone by Apple

The appearance prehistory of iPhone is rather fascinating, therefore I bring to your attention the short story about the recent past of iPhone.

Evolution of a Cult Phone

The tandem «iPod + iTunes» in a short space of time transformed an Apple player into an real cult for music fans. After some years, in 2005, in the gadget market is appeared a flash-player iPod nano — also cult product.

iPod + iPhone

In the same 2005 in the market of mobile phones there were at once some significant events — there were such devices, as Sony Ericsson K750i, Walkman W800i, a ruler of multimedia computers Nseries from Finnish Nokia.

Probably, these circumstances also pushed Apple to the further development of a mobile phone. However, by this time the company already possessed some experience in creation of similar devices. The 1st attempt appeared unsuccessful, and the project «Purple 1» has been contracted.

The situation was not rescued even by an expensive adv campaign. The novelty had no advantages before Motorola E398. iTunes for which hoped Apple, did not attract buyers in view of a small amount of downloaded music compositions.

1st iPhone

Meanwhile, Apple began development of a new mobile phone. And development of a new product (code-named «Purple 2») was conducted in the conditions of the strict privacy.

From «Purple 1» to iPhone 4G

Phone development began in 2002, and the ready product appeared on sale only in the end of 2004. By then the device is morally obsolete, and the innovative management system by means of movements fingers (without necessity of pushing a certain point) has not been understood for peoples. As a result phone has been ranked as a cohort of mobile losers...

Unique innovation in respect of iPhone ergonomics became the Multi-Touch (a method of control by means of two fingers). However other possibilities of phone have already been tested on devices of other vendors. Also, Apple phones originally are made with specific mobile telecommunications lock, for this reason, the most widespread questions to this day are — "Hi guys, how to unlock an iphone 4?", or "Guys, how you unlock iPhone?"

So in actual fact, the mobile phone from Apple is not really innovative development. However, a merit of developers was that they could rethink creatively existing ideas that was favourably reflected in gadget ergonomics. It's a question first of all of various sensors, in particular, the accelerometer changing orientation of the display depending on position of phone.

iPhone 4G

However, it would be incorrect to tell that iPhone is the beautiful knickknack. If you know ways to unlocking 4 iphone I recommend to buy this innovative mobile phone, because all other phones a shit. Functionality of the device is highly minimalistic and intellectual, with perfect design, great volume of memory (4, 8, 16Gb), Wi-Fi, and various features for Internet surfing.

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History of Legendary Phone + unlock