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2 Million the Beatles Songs
The Beatles on iTunes

The Beatles is coming to the USA

iTunes sold more 2 millions music tracks of The Beatles for a week from the beginning of official sales.

The most popular song of The Beatles composition "Here Comes The Sun" from an album "Abbey Road" 1969 of release. At present, according to a iTunes chart, reflecting sales in the US online market, "Here Comes The Sun" are occupied a 42th place, further "In My Life" (55) and "Hey Jude" (86).

Besides separate tracks, sound recording company EMI has sold through iTunes approximately 450,000 albums The Beatles. The compact disk "Abbey Road", reached 6th iTunes chart line in the USA became the most popular.

Unlike the USA where in the first twenty there were at once some virtual disks of The Beatles, including complete works "The Beatles Box Set" for $149US, British bought up albums less actively.

Records The Beatles have for the 1st time in history appeared on iTunes on November, 16th, 2010. This fact has marked itself end of long-term legal trials between a Beatles vs Apple Corps. The price for one song has constituted $1,29US. Each of disks costs $12,99US, and double albums are estimated in $19,99US.

iTunes — Here Comes The Beatles

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2 Million the Beatles Songs + USA