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Web design — a version of design for the user web interfaces or web sites. Web designers project a logic structure of web pages, think over the most convenient decisions for a content placing, and also are engaged in web pages decorating. The competent web designer should be a sign with last web technologies and possess corresponding art skills (PhotoShop, Flash, Illustrator etc).

Target Strategy of Web Development

Work with the customer begins with target strategy, — the customer states the wishes concerning visual representation and web site structure, shows examples of competitor web sites.

Web logoUsabilityDepending on target, the project manager makes the advanced technical web plan, considering a finance limit and time interval.

It's important to notice at once — design stages of web sites depend on many factors, such as: web site volume, functionality, targets, usability etc. However, there are some stages which without fail are present at planning of any project.

First of all it's necessary to develop a site logo. For this important stage I recommend to use Logo Design Contest, thus the best of the best logos will be guaranteed.
Further work begins with design creation, usually in the graphics editor (DreamWeaver, or usual HTML-editor). The designer creates one or several variants of web page, according to the technical project. Thus the design of the main page, and design of typical pages (for example is separately created: articles, news, production catalogue). Actually, the web page design represents a graphic file consisting of the smallest pictures-layers of elements of the general drawing.

Web siteThus the designer should consider restrictions of HTML standards (not to create web design which cannot be realized on the standard HTML browsers). If the web designer is unexperienced, the project manager will make offers to the New Design Contest, thus don't worry, be happy, don't trouble itself completely, divide powers!

Promo web siteFurther the web site fill with a content — texts, images, videos, files etc. Sometimes texts are made by the expert of studio, sometimes the responsible person is engaged in a content from the customer. After, HTML-files upload to the server of the provider and make the necessary options. At this stage the website is closed for visitors.

In the ending, the customer or the authorized representative look through the ready project and in case all is made according to general strategy — the project approves.

p.s. If you are interested "How it works on"? Google knows all!

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