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I will ask Google...

I will ask Google

What real way for improvement of the position in Google SERP?
Many believe, what exactly Google PR helps to rise above in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) while PR actually is only one of the factors considered by the great searcher.

Google loves the authoritative sites.
If your site enjoys authority in the niche such site also will be authoritative and for Google.
The searcher considers all elements of a site, and then states it an estimation on a scale from «very authoritative» to «unauthoritative». For example, if you search "Seo in Toronto" at the top of charts there will be only the most authoritative sites about Search Optimization in region Toronto. Thus, the search result is influenced by region, web hosting location, and inquiry language.
Google Authority is influenced by many factors, including the domain zone (for example, have a more trust than, quantity and quality of links, traffic level.

The mythical white list of Mr. Google.
Probably, here the one who refer to you is the most important for entering into the top of SERP. It's considered that at Google there is «white list» which includes websites which are enjoying confidence.
Thanks to trust, some websites manage to take the first positions of competitive keyword's searches at the expense of creation of the page aimed at the necessary keyword. But, according to research of one authoritative SEO expert, such sites as or don't worry about creation of additional links for own pages because Google trusts them, thus they without any work receive the first places in the Top Ten.

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