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Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

One always wishes to hire the best web hosting company for his or her website. One looks for great features, good uptime and a value for money service while trying to avoid hiring a less reliable firm. Here is a list of top 10 web hosting companies for you to consider:

  1. Hostgator: Hostgator is a company from which you can expect quality services. Like most of the web-hosting firms in this list, it offers you an unrestricted amount of space, bandwidth and emails. One gets 24 x 7 web hosting service. The price is very competitive too.
  2. BlueHost: It is yet another PHP web hosting service with lots of positive features.
  3. Just Host: It supports PHP format and is an excellent service provider in this sector. One can even pay via PayPal. Some exciting features include free domain, free advertising credit, free templates and a site builder.
  4. IX web hosting: This one is good, but an expensive choice compared to the rest.
  5. HostUpon: It boasts of an excellent service. You get unlimited space, bandwidth and emails.
  6. Easy CGI windows: This admirable service provider supports the ASP.NET websites.
  7. Yahoo small biz: It is another popular web host, which provides incredible service.
  8. PowWeb: It is slightly expensive, but an effective service.
  9. Lunar Pages: This is a UK based company.
  10. FatCow: This service boasts of free domain, free advertising credit, free scripts and a site builder.
Top 10 Web Hostings

Of course, these lists keep changing with times. If one wishes to get latest list and make comparisons, he or she can check out — top 10 web hosting companies comparison chart.

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