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7 mortal sins SEO

Seven mortal sins

1. Underestimate readers

This popular belief of many bloggers — to underestimate knowledge of the visitors. Sometimes you can and know well the readers, but nevertheless give to them less, than they deserve that or in a condition to consume. To consider the subscribers as rubble, to think of them, as about herd of rams which needs to be collected in one place which will easily go there where will direct which will get on all your tricks. Readers are too people, and it is not necessary to them to refuse in intelligence. Many of them — experienced users and bloggers.
Certainly, you are free to suppose certain assumptions concerning prospects of their behaviour, but do not incur it is too much.

Here examples of the sites, helping to analyze and direct your relations with readers:
* ClickTracks;
* Google Šnalytics;
* WebTrends;
* Omniture;
* CrazyEgg.

2. Conceive too much

The set of the ideas begun by you and projects can end not too successfully — catching at once for some affairs, we have not time to make any well enough if we are in time in general. By the end of work we have a heap of partially finished, absolutely useless projects. For efficient control projects it is possible to use special programs, for example, Basecamp.
By means of this tool it is possible to create lists, labels, to trace time. One more useful program — This tool periodically keeps a sreen-shoty within day on which you can make then full representation that you have made within day.

3. Take a great interest

It is a usual trap for those who is engaged in advancement of sites. It is possible to trace infinitely increase or falls traffic inflow as your position in delivery of search systems changes, but frequent checks of statistics can take away too much time useful to you. Limit itself.
In particular, such programs can help with it, as This tool allows you to see that loss of time which you spend for nothing for this or that website.

4. Frequent crossroads

Often, when we do not know where to move further, we simply throw the begun. There are projects which demand a lot of time, but return happens is small. And sometimes we in general waste time on absolutely useless things for us. Here there will be not out of place such practice: make the list of all your problems, and note time spent by you on performance by each of them (here can it is useful such programs as Basecamp).
And now calculate value of each problem. Think, that it was necessary to make right now, and that could be made and later. And now check up, whether the column "priority" coincides with a column “spent time”.
Perhaps you spend for some problems disproportionate to their position in a column of the importance time?

5. Do not observe integrity

Actions which conduct you to your ultimate goal, and actions which are simply carried out, but do not approach you to result, to distinguish sometimes happens difficultly. Try to carry out has not simply put, and transformations of which there is your ultimate goal as a puzzle. You should accurately to itself represent, as each executed action will be entered in an overall picture.

6. Forget or throw out on an idea wind

All your ideas have been realised? Do not spend itself for nothing. Here the tools, helping to keep ideas: a network of base tools to create records quickly and easily.
Mindjet: helps to organise ideas, to concretise, draw between them parallels, to connect. Even easier — recorders, for example, a dictophone in your player or a mobile phone.

7. Blindly trust

On the Internet any can be "expert", but those who really understands network processes, it is not enough. The careful analysis of this or that niche helps to allocate eventually about five professionals. It is not necessary to believe everything, that is written. The best way to find trustworthy information and inspiration sources - to calculate these five professionals of a niche.
These resources Here too will help: — service of the analysis of blogs; — news online-agregator; — makes a rating of popularity of blogs.

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