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3 base corrected SEO

Three poodles

1. A technical aspect

The very first key question of ranging. Barriers to search robots automatically reduce all your work on advancement and to a monetization on are not present.

The majority of the companies and private persons simply gives attention to technical questions a little. Especially as to a small-scale business: if the big enterprises still can appear "afloat" small become practically "invisible".

Pages, the text of images, IFRAME, session ID — all it should you be familiar and work on your blog.

2. A content

Keywords in your text is that allows people to find you, and accordingly, and to realise the goods, service etc. Keywords describe your resource, help to understand, for what you the blog is made.

Often developers in a pursuit of optimisation forget about users for whom the site and is intended. The content should not only have the optimised density of keywords, but also is logically competently built, in other words — is extremely legible. It will give to your site utility so, attendance and popularity will not keep waiting long.

3. Trust

In common people known as "links".

Links are yours progress of your ranging in search systems. The set of articles on the Internet is devoted how to make so that people have started talking about you. You need only to realise importance of trust.

Certainly, this article, probably, and not so is useful in respect of optimisation by key inquiries, but nevertheless it is sometimes important to designate those bases with which all begins. These rules — that skeleton on which your success of interaction with readers and clients keeps. And already on this skeleton you build own way SEO.Definition "foul shot" from Google.

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