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5 elements of web page in which it's necessary to place keywords

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All of us have read a large quantity of articles about how to select keywords and correctly to make of them the list as by means of keywords to make a site, relevant to certain search inquiries. Let's consider the problem more detailed placings of keywords on web pages.

From that knowledge where and how to place keywords on web page, success or a failure of your SEO-company depends.

On each web page there are 5 elements in which it is necessary to place keywords:

1. Page heading (tag title).
2. Page keywords (Meta-tag keywords).
3. The page description (Meta-teg description).
4. The alternative text for pictures (Alt-tag).
5. Web page contents (tag body).
From all elements of web page set forth above the most important of all are page contents. In more details about it further.

For now let's disassemble this list one after another.

Element №1. Page heading (tag title)

At first we will disassemble page heading (tag title). This element the very first and most important of all other elements in the block head any web page.

Heading of web page you can observe the browser Internet in the uppermost line. To be convinced of it, start any browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Opera or Mozilla Firefox, come on any site and compare contents tag title with the uppermost line in these browsers. Search systems use this tag in the purposes — for gathering of the information on a site and subjects definition, and also use in results of search delivery (SERP) as the web page name.

In web page heading it is recommended to use from 60 to 115 symbols. Following data there should enter: the company name if it is the known company and as the most important keywords.

Remember! Web page heading — the short description.
Besides the aforesaid contents tag title are used as the web page name at addition in browser bookmarks.

Element №2. Page Keywords (Meta-tag keywords)

Now we will talk about Meta-tag keywords and description. Some time back Meta-tag keywords it was used at site addition in an index of search systems. But these times of business of bygone days... Now search systems simply ignore this tag since cases of use of it tag in the "dirty" purposes are frequent. Some search robots pay attention to this tag for definition of subjects of a site.

Keywords should be divided a comma. In the list beginning place the most important keywords, further on decrease of their importance. Search robots have ceased to pay attention to the register in which there are the keywords, therefore now all keywords can be printed in the bottom register.

There is a recommendation rather Meta-tega keywords: to use either 25 keywords, or 1000 symbols. It is better to use not an individual keyword, and a word-combination from 2-3 words.

Element №3. The page description (Meta-tag description)

Meta-teg description — one more element of a site in which it is necessary to place keywords. Search robots look through this tag about presence of keywords, and also, compare contents to contents of the site. Very important circumstance is also that search robots use contents Meta-tag description as the web page description in results of search delivery (SERP).

Data tag should contain the short description of web page, but no more than 50 words.

Element №4. The alternative text for pictures (Alt-tag)

Alt-tags Represent the text description of contents of a picture i.e. if for any reasons the picture is not loaded, and this picture has an alt-text instead of a picture this text will be displayed.

Alt-tags Apply to convenience of those the Internet of users at which for any reasons the drawing is not displayed.

Many search systems index contents of it tag, accordingly keywords there can contain. Only do not forget, that the alt-text should correspond to the image, to be a so-called text equivalent. Do not use alt-tag with reference to images of design of web page, such as dividing lines, markers …

Element №5. Web page contents (tag body)

So, at last we have reached the basic element of a site — tag body, an element which contents most of all interest Internet users. The basic search robots any more will not give you 1 line in results of search delivery (SERP) only because of presence of several repetitions of a keyword on page of your web site. There there can be only the most relevant to concrete search inquiry web page.

That it to achieve, you should introduce the picked up keywords in a code of web pages, observing frequency of their repetition. Adhere to a following rule: for each concrete page will choose 1-2 keywords and optimise corresponding page under them.

Present, that you prepare presentation of your new site or the goods. Then, for example, slides of yours PowerPoint presentations — paragraphs. They should be short and accurate. The same as and in PowerPoint presentations, you can use lists for transfer of benefits of your site or the goods, each time focusing attention to the picked up keywords.

Introduce the picked up keywords in listed above 5 elements of each web page, and you rather improve the current positions and results.

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