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Merge of SEO-technologies and public relations

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Conversations on importance SEO in the field of public relations for last years become more and more intensive. For example, the same press releases - fine means of optimisation. With development Google and Yahoo News, optimisation by means of press releases became excellent possibility of long-term and short-term advancement in search systems.

Both public relations can be used for optimisation, and optimisation can be applied to advancement of public relations. Merge of area of PR-technologies to area of SEO-technologies inevitably.
Any of these technologies is not based on a seed capital or advertising. Advancement in offline and online-publications works also, as well as web page advancement in search systems.
PR-managers are ready for a long time to uses of SEO-technologies in the work.

But at the same time it's clear, that experts in public relations cannot influence a policy of the company. At the same time corporate PR-blogs can operate the content somehow. Work methods can be different:
* press releases;
* on-line collections of press releases;
* corporate blogs;
* spets-reportings and official documents;
* email-archives;
* radio-interview archives;
* on-line seminars;
All these methods can be used both in the separate PR-company, and together with a corporate site.

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