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15 practical recommendations for hit in TOP-10 Google

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In the course of work on site advancement it is necessary to carry out the big spectrum of various works, among which drawing up of a semantic kernel, selection of a domain name, working out of strategy for reception of entering links etc.

In this article I would like to direct your attention to optimisation of pages of a site under search systems. It is very important process since site optimisation makes considerable impact on attendance.

Further 15 practical recommendations about optimisation of pages of sites follow:

1. Presence of unique heading at each page of a site. Headings of pages of a site should include corresponding keywords under which the concrete page is optimised. The site name is recommended to be inserted after the name of concrete page.
2. Presence unique meta-tags. Certainly, meta-keywords by the basic search systems it is not considered, but about meta-description to forget I do not recommend. At drawing up meta-description take advantage of corresponding 7 recommendations.
3. Meta-keywords should contain only those keywords and phrases under which the concrete page of a site is optimised.
4. On one page there should be only one heading of level H1 with the basic keywords.
5. Use subtitles H2 and H3 levels for splitting of the text into semantic parts. It promotes improvement of their readership.
6. For content formatting use the marked and numbered lists, allocation fat and italics.
7. Use text links, links in the form of graphic elements and elements of multimedia it is necessary to avoid whenever possible.
8. Take care of presence of a detailed sitemap referring to each page of your site.
9. Take care of that all pages of your site contained a unique content. Take for a rule not to place with itself the duplicated content.
10. Write a content for users, instead of for search robots. If you arrive differently from similar texts you do not receive return.
11. Contents of images are not scanned by search systems, therefore, if you have a choice between a text and graphic content will choose the first or both simultaneously. The same concerns and multimedia objects.
12. Using images, do not forget for each of them to register corresponding alt-descriptions.
13. The Content of pages should contain key phrases under which each of them is optimised.
14. The Main page of your site should contain references to the most important pages and sections. Anchors of these links should contain corresponding keywords.
15. Your site should be accessible both for users, and for search robots. Each page of a site should contain references to the most important pages and site sections. Besides it each page of a site should contain the reference to a sitemap.

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